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Do you want those fabulous microblading eyebrows? Or those eyebrow tattoos? Or the permanent makeup that looks flawless? Or microshading eyebrows? We are here to help you out today! Call Charlotte Microblading and let's get you going!

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Microblading Charlotte

Welcome to our Charlotte Microblading page! Microblading Eyebrows Charlotte and Permanent Makeup Charlotte are a part of Microblading Charlotte company that we run here! Are you tired of drawing on your eyebrows every day and just throwing on mascara and not feeling satisfied with your makeup look because you ran out of time?

Well, what if we told you that we can stop that problem for you permanently? Would you be interested? I knew you would be! Permanent Makeup Charlotte is a very popular thing that our customers love. We have done permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, and all other kinds of permanent makeup you can think of! We can fix your problem too!

Just some services we provide are:

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Tattoo brows
  • Permanent makeup

About Microblading Charlotte NC

We want things in our company to run smoothly and well organized. We keep things very professional in our work environment so then things never become too relaxed and fall out of hand. We have seen many companies become too relaxed to where the workers don’t try harder for their work and even for the customers that are counting on them.

We want our customers to know that they can always count on us and fall to us to catch them and make what they are dreaming of possible. Microblading Eyebrows Charlotte NC is a huge part of us that we take pride in.

We always shoot to do our job better and better each day. We always strive for making improvements at our job whether that means to ourselves or the company as whole or different ways to use products or to improve them.

We keep the communication line open between us and our employees so then they know that can come to us about anything. Giving our employees that safe space also allows our employees to want to strive to do that for our customers. The more comfortable our customers are the better relationship and conversations we will have with them.

This will help us envision what they are wanting to be done for them so then we can bring what they are imaging to life.

Our company is the best microblading in Charlotte. Not only for microblading, but everything all around. We can provide the perfect service that our employees are needing and are counting on to receive from someplace. When other companies have failed them we have been able to step up to the plate and to fix the problem with no fail.

Why Choose Microblading Charlotte NC?

Customers choose us over other companies for many reasons, but one of the reasons is our Permanent Makeup Charlotte NC professional team does wonder! They are so artistic and make the makeup for our customers look beautiful every single time. They love knowing that the art done by the Charlotte Permanent Makeup team on them will look flawless.

They also love coming to us over other companies because they know when microblading brows that the microblading cost will be worth it. They know that they will get perfect sharp eyebrows that look real and not drawn on and fake. They will get their money's worth for their eyebrow blading.

Just some things that are important about our company are:

  • Free estimates
  • Organized
  • Great customer service
  • Great communication skills
  • Affordable costs
  • Open on weekends
  • Open late
  • Honesty is the best policy

We have been around helping our community for several years! We have many regulars that we see often and they tell people about us because they love our work so much. Every year our customer numbers grow because of how many people come to us.

You can call us any day and anytime or when we are open and we can ook you in the schedule for your next convenience and answer any further questions you may have and give you your free estimate.

What to Expect from Microblading Charlotte NC

Our service quality is found to be done at a phenomenal job! We have such great employees and we are only the best! We do as much research that we possibly can on the employees we end up hiring before we hire them because we want to make sure that they are the kind of person we want on our team.

We like keeping a positive and happy environment and having hard workers. We don’t like people that drag their feet and that can’t commit to their work. A company needs a strong team and that ends up being the roots of the company is the team. If there are weak links that just don’t care or try, we give them a chance to fix it, but if they don’t we just have to move on.

We have to make sure our customers are receiving the best possible service from every single one of our employees. We love our team and treat them like family. We end up looking at our customers as part of our family because we are all in this together.

When receiving our help it is a super simple and easy process. First, you will call and let us know what you are wanting to be done, we will give you the free estimate and make sure there is nothing else you are wanting for this appointment.

We will book your appointment and answer any further questions that you may have for us. We will answer as thoroughly as we can for you so then you know exactly everything you are wanting to know.

When you show up for the appointment, the worker that will be assisting you will be cleaning the station that you will be located at and they will be prepping for it so then it is totally and completely ready for your arrival. They will sit with you and speak about what you are wanting so they can envision exactly what it is so they can make it happen.

They don’t want to leave any loose ends so they make sure that they know everything as in detail as possible so they can work the magic you are hoping for. Some appointments require a follow-up, but not in all cases.

Services Microblading Charlotte NC Provides

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Microblading Eyebrows Charlotte NC

Microblading eyebrows are when a handheld tool is used that holds the pigment of your eyebrows. With the tool the professional scratches short strokes into your eyebrow area to help give the illusion of you having fuller and thicker eyebrows the whole way around. This is a natural look that our customers are obsessed with.

charlotte permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Charlotte NC

Permanent makeup is tattoos. You can get whatever kind of makeup that you can imagine and get it as makeup. It can be eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, etc. It is all tattoos and they are all permanent. So there are no touch-ups required.

charlotte eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Charlotte NC

Permanent eyebrows tattoos are popular. They are natural-looking like microshading or microblading, but you don't have to touch them up ever and they still look beautiful! They don't look blocky. They are a normal tattoo, just in the shape of whatever eyebrow you are wanting.

charlotte permanent makeup

Microshading Charlotte NC

Microshading is where a handheld tool a lot like microblading is used, but instead of short strokes, it is a bunch of dots scratched in to fill out the thinner parts of the eyebrows.

Customer Reviews

I went to Microblading Charlotte and got permanent eyeliner, and permanent eyeshadow did today along with my eyebrow microblading! I had been thinking about these things for a long time trying to decide if I wanted to do it and I finally bit the bullet! They made the makeup look so beautiful and it is done in a way that looks good to have every single day. Thank you for my new permanent makeup and my microbladed eyebrows!

Lyla K.

I used to get my eyebrows microshaded, but I decided to make a change! I got them tattooed! It doesn’t look as natural, but I am so bad at keeping up on them so microshading just wasn’t the way for me. I love my new eyebrows! They still look beautiful even though they don’t look natural.

Olivia M.

I have gone into Microblading Charlotte in the past because I have permanent eyeshadow and permanent eyeliner, but today I decided to get my lips done! I got them done in a more nude color because I don’t like my naturally pink lips! I love the way they turned out and how natural it looks even though it is a tattoo! They did such an awesome job and I couldn't be happier with this new look of mine.

Nova G.

About Charlotte NC

Charlotte is a major city in North Carolina. Charlotte is known as a financial and business hub. It is a university town.

The sales tax rate is 7.3% and the income tax rate is 5.5%. The unemployment rate is 4.2% and the current job growth is 2.7% and future job growth is seen to become 45.2%. The population is 872,498. The cities and towns surrounding Charlotte NC are:

  • Matthews, NC
  • Fort Mill, SC
  • Belmont, NC
  • Mount Holly, NC
  • Pineville, NC
  • Cramerton, NC
  • Lowell, NC
  • Van Wyck, SC
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading is when a tool is used that scratches short strokes of a pigment of your eyebrow into your eyebrow area to make it fuller and thicker and sharper throughout your entire eyebrow.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from 18 to 30 months straight. IT will all depend on how long your skin holds the pigment, but if you touch up every few months you don’t have to worry about them fading that much.

How much is microblading?

It really depends on what you are looking for. If you call in for a free consult one of our technicians can give you an accurate price on what it would take to get you set up.

What is the difference between microshading and microblading?

Microshading is a bunch of dots scratched into the thin parts of your eyebrows, microblading is a bunch of short strokes scratched throughout your entire eyebrow.

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